We're Mode Health.

Mode Health offers scalable health literacy, healthcare navigation and health financing solutions to business owners who are ready to integrate health well-being into their benefits strategy.

The minds behind Mode

Eric Hannah
Eric Hannah Chief Catalyst

Eric is a catalyst for change. Through a multi-faceted, two-decade healthcare career, he developed a unique perspective on personal well-being, as well as healthcare navigation and payer systems. This experience inspired Eric to introduce an innovative approach to employee benefits through Mode Health–putting employers and employees in charge of their own care. 

Eric believes that employee benefits should be a tool to achieve the optimal employee experience. Today, he helps modern, forward-thinking business leaders develop strategies that create value and accelerate company performance through a three-step process.

"The healthcare continuum lacks transparency and has significant pain points," Eric says. "Most of us in the healthcare system are frustrated: healthcare providers with how they're paid for services, employers with how they buy benefits and employees with insurance products that don't fit their unique personal health needs. Yet year after year, employers engage in the same painful renewal process. It's time to demand better and take charge with a strategy that fits our own unique mode." 

Is Mode right for your business?

Clients of Mode Health:

  • Understand the importance of holistic health. They focus on prevention and precondition management, rather than reactionary healthcare.
  • Choose customization over one-size-fits-all solutions. They don't run cookie-cutter businesses, so they don't settle for cookie-cutter benefits.
  • Prioritize value over cost. They understand the importance of cost-effective healthcare for their organization and employees alike.
  • Appreciate innovation. In a business environment full of conventional wisdom, Mode Health clients color outside the lines.
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Our services

My Mode Portal (with Mode Marketplace)

Our subscription-based platform provides health and well-being training tools as well as healthcare navigation resources for employees to not only optimize their health benefits, but to live a healthier lifestyle in the process.

Group Sponsored Insurance Products

Using our system, ModeMap, a Catalyst works with employers to design and implement employee benefits options that align with the company’s business strategy. Products include but are not limited to health, dental, vision, disability, group life, and supplemental plans.

Healthcare Advisory Contracts

Not a small business? Mode Health empowers organizations of all sizes. Our healthcare expertise, agile integration and data analytics capabilities optimize cost effectiveness for your organization. We partner with mid- and large-group employers to consult on benefits strategy and enhanced employee engagement.

We've got a vision.

At Mode Health, our clients leverage health benefits solutions as tools to help them feel great every day–not just when they're sick.

We believe that business owners should expect the same level of customization and cost-effectiveness from employee benefit platforms as they do from any other business solution in today's tech-driven business environment. From business owners to line-of-business employees, everyone should feel motivated to take control of their care and well-being; to make positive changes; to make their healthcare work for them.