Agile employee benefits for the modern small business.

Small business owners have been left behind to navigate the highly volatile world of health insurance and employee benefits, often unsure of the motivations of brokers, insurers and wellness services. The lack of transparency creates a muddy view that owners typically prefer to avoid or don't have the time to strategically address on their own with the intense demands of running a successful small business. Business owners can take charge by arming employees with the tools to be high performing, confident healthcare consumers.

Positive Health Goes Beyond the Healthcare Insurance Product.

At Mode Health, we believe that positive health goes beyond the health insurance product. We believe that health benefits should be cost-efficient for the long run, not rack up unnecessary expenses. We believe that every employee and organization has unique needs, and their benefits plans should meet them. We are relentless in the pursuit of a personalized experience. Clients are able to tailor plans that fit their specific needs, and consistently adjust to the industry's ebb and flow to remain a market leader.

Mode Health offers agile employee benefits for the modern small business. Mode Health empowers employers to not only create a strategy that works for them, but also supports employee health in the process.

With Mode Health you'll get:

  • Engaging well-being, healthcare, and insurance literacy tools
  • Custom healthcare financing solutions and personalized customer service
  • Access to data to drive administrative decision making and product development
  • User-friendly benefits onboarding and integration

Take charge of your healthcare.

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